The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last) [Hidden Track] Lyrics


DOM KENNEDY - The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last) [Hidden Track] Lyrics


"The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last)"

We exclusively in the studio
My nigga Casey Veggies, my nigga Roccett
My nigga Tech on the boards
My nigga Archie Davis
Westside, OPM, Other People's Money

I seen a new Porsche today, I'mma get my mom that
Black on black Vans for real, like I'm in combat
I get the same type of girls. that LeBron snatch
'cept it ain't no guarantees in my contract
True enough... fuck you, I been through enough
Told 'em it was Other People Money, then I threw it up
Makes sense
Sometimes shoppin' is a day spent
I might be off coppin' 'fore I pay rent
Might be on Compton, get my whip washed
Just so I can see her
Just so I can see her do her lip gloss on it
Man, this sound like I shoulda put Rick Ro$$ on it
Niggas buyin' Rolexes with the tick tock on it
Oh, that's what time it is
I'ma let y'all handle minor biz
I must be where you always tried to get
Cuz when I came up, niggas feelings came out
The cars pulled up, and the ceilings came out
The ladies came through and they titties pushed up
And just when she was ready to leave? I pushed up
And told her "hey baby, I'm crazy, but I drive a 650
I'll drive to Vegas if you dip with me
Let's shoot a video in the desert"
She said "you already did that"
I laughed was like "oh shit, how I forget that?"
Make a QuikStop at the store, get some ZigZags
Cold ass bottle of water and some Tic-Tacs
My niggas buyin' 6 packs, not Kit-Kats
Where your homegirl live at? tryna hit that
I had two bottles of Veuv', don't wanna chit chat
This is a world premiere, don't wan' miss that
Didn't have me in yo top 10? still get math
Niggas ain't figured it out? real shit lasts
I could stop rappin' tomorrow and still get ass
Like back high school, in the mornin', we used to skip class
Told her "ooh girl you fine, wit yo thick ass"

I said I told her "ooh girl you fine, wit yo thick ass"

I love to watch her when she backin' up
That ass remind me of the baddest truck
A nigga probably took her out once, uh huh, that's wassup
I'll have her at the house, cookin' for me, packin' lunch
My phone never stop ringin', I get faxed a bunch
Niggas playin' video games, yellin' "pass the blunt"
I be in the studio writin', payin' taxes suck
Niggas lettin' bullshit slide, come on, that's enough
Play wit my money? and die, that's some tragic stuff
Grew up on Laker games, I fuck with Rambis tough
Did a show out in Boston, they think Magic sucks
Niggas do spend that money, I be stackin' up
Told her "you could bring your girl, y'all just lappin' up"
Seems like I went from... just pickin' rappin' up
To everybody new favorite rapper like fast as fuck
I'm not the type that's gon' ask for much
I'm not the type that's gon'
Uh uh
Just what's owed to me
A lil' Patron, feel me?
Some bitches that's gon' feel me, some niggas that won't kill me
Niggas is grown feel me, I really don't pop pilly's
I listen to Bob Marley, the wisdom that God give me
Tryna go platinum, just hopin' that y'all hear me
I really don't play ball, but niggas could ball feel me
Uh, ha
Like 50 Cent on y'all niggas
I never heard a fly verse on shit from y'all niggas
So I don't never wanna hear shit from y'all niggas
Man I can't even walk thru the fuckin' mall with her
Uh uh
Cuz she fine with her thick ass
I can pick you up anywhere except 10th Ave
You need me, not Slimfast
Keep a Dom Kennedy shirt in yo' gym bag
Girl you fine with yo thick ass
Girl you fine

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