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Much The Same

Much The Same - Wish Lyrics

Well you're in control and i know it
cause i'm miserable again
i don't understand how any of this
makes me a better man
you know i always run to you
for some help with my life
you know i always come to you
for a little wise advice
and all i get is pain
okay, so i'm exaggerating,
i'm just saying that's how it seems to me
if all good things come to an end,
then what about the bad?
am i cursed to never see the fruits
of the life i wish i had?
and can i try, one more time,
to be pleasing to you?
my futile efforts never seem
to make my wish come true
what can i do?
i'll follow through with all these claims
i never cease to make
a promise to myself
is one i promise to break
but when i have you by my side
then i can do what's right
i'll become the co-pilot
and you control this flight
then everything will be alright
this song's for me
a reminder of how i intend my life to be
every word i sing
is an anthem against my own hypocrisy?
let me be free

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