Burn The City Lyrics

Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper - Burn The City Lyrics

Screaming Burn It down!
Too Loud, Too dank, for you to turn it down
Bad bitches running round like shirtless now
Shits just Perfect Now
When it's worth it why the fuck would I get nervous now
So Shop with me on Mary
And Fuck with me on Sherrif
Puttin Caramel On garretts
Yellin "Fuck The Heat On Derrick"
I'm a city based N-word
27's, Port's and Spirit's
Been trying to Share that dinner
Can't Inherit from your Parents
I was rollin a blunt when I wrote this
I was smoking a blunt when I spoke this
Hocus Pocus
Hows that for a smoke trick
Couldn't pay attention
Now I can afford focus
Got a lil Buzz and they got fuckin bogus
Like How you swat a flying locust?
But it's actually dope...
Acid, adderol and adjectives
An Adolescent I could fuck with?
#Igh's his fuckin Ad-lib?
Burn Burn
City we built
You already forgot the names
Of kids that we killed
Burn Burn
It's Hot as all fuck
Cause everyone got burner
Cause it's always gettin buck

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