Collapsing Lyrics

Funeral Diner

Funeral Diner - Collapsing Lyrics

The darkness surrounds you. The darkness shrouds
everything. Movement is apparent and the movement is
dangerous. All around the walls are crushing, looming as if
to threaten collapse. But this is the home, the dark, the
warmth. This is still home, and you know you can't leave.
So welcome the terrible weight of failure and our own
arrogance. It hangs heavy in the air, with the smoke and
the fire we create (there is no safe place here). Resign
yourself to this, resign yourself to the dark. So never
sleep too deeply, but most importantly, never get caught.
None of us belong here in the darkness but it seems as if
we have no choice. Our path was chosen for us and now there
is no way out. But nobody feels trapped, as we become
accustomed to this night with no end, and no end in sight.

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