Gangsterville Lyrics

Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer - Gangsterville Lyrics

Now's the time your visions and your shreds
Turned out to be the cheap imported threads
The flag reeled out in a cotton kite
Flying miles above the wheatlands in a single stripe
The Revolution came and the Revolution went
The chemical rain left the message on the tent
Wanted: one man to lead a crusade
Payment: a bullet on a big parade

Down in Gangsterville
Where any sane people already crawled under the house
Yeah Gangsterville--the television is always thinking about
Real people--especially when it's hungry

Final decisions are made by the club
And implemented by the shadow of a glove
And sitting in a coffeehouse reading words
We got popcorn salesmen for protection from the world
Went through extensive preparations
I learned all about the other nations
When freedom was defined as a word in a book
I learned if you're plugged into something then baby you're hooked

Into Gangsterville
I searched for a rose or some sweet juice of water
Gangsterville--people are giving
A black lady sobbed on a step--God bless the little born

On the other hand, sitting next to a evil crew
They just got down from floor eighty-two
Been selling Indian reservations
Coming in looking for some jazz and a little libations
I like the same kind of beer
I gotta get right out of here
I'm going to New Orleans--gonna buy me a prayer
Gonna call somebody from a call box there

Hell this is Gangsterville
Bring your money to the shore
No automatic weapons on the jetty
Oh Gangsterville--electro shields on the phalanx
Club the Mayor in the streets--it's a chewable fecie

My kind, we are the worst kind
Got enough shrinks working on us
To defy paralysis, identify analysis
Just wanna hold my carburettor bible
Snapping to attention--eyes on the horizon
Keep your filter clean--wipe the oil from your dreams
Keep our hopes pinned to the Southern Cross
You got to believe in something or you feel a sense of loss

Down in Gangsterville
Pelicans dying strangling on a six can strap
Gansterville shut off all the power burn out all the gasoline
Stop writing things on screens.

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