I'm Sorry Lyrics


Blackstreet - I'm Sorry Lyrics

I'm sorry, I would do anything for you
Will you forgive me?
Just don't cry, don't cry, listen
Oh yeah, just wanted to talk to you
I'm sorry

Just when you think you're strong enough
Temptation raises it's head
Cuz I kept on thinkin'
That I got a good woman back home
But I didn't regret it 'til it was over
(What should I do?)
I shoulda never told
(You were untrue)
How could I let it show?

(1) - That girl put a spell on me
I couldn't stop thinking about it
But I've got my lady
That I can't live without

(2) - If you look in my eyes, it says I'm sorry
I didn't mean to hurt or ever make you cry
I know I've got a good thing, girl
So don't you worry
I'll go outta my way to keep you satisfied

We've got a future, gotta move along
I know it's easier said than done
But don't let this one mistake
Put a break on what we've made
Please forgive me, I'm so sorry, oh

(8th Ave)
Even though I forgive you
It won't be the same
All those sleepless nights
Explaining everything

(Repeat 1)

(Repeat 2)

Girl, I'm sorry, forgive me
There's no reason why
Please don't cry

I love you, oh, no, oh, oh
Lady, lady, little lady
Please, I promise I
I'm saying that I'm sorry

(Repeat 2)

(Repeat 2)

Girl, I'm sorry, forgive me
There's no reason why
But please don't cry
I love you
Oh, oh
Lady, lady, lady, lady
Please be on my side
I'm sayin' that I'm sorry

(Repeat 2)

(Repeat 2)

I'm sorry

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