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Rockabye Baby!

Rockabye Baby! - Burning Love Lyrics

Priscilla Renea - Rockabye Baby
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Little Miss Mary Mack
Had Buttons All Down Her Back
She Let Geordie Loosen Them Up
And Now Her Belly's Fat
Now Mary's Little Lamb
Follows Her Wherever She Goes
No More Hanging Out At The Bar
Cause Baby Ain't Old Enough
So Now Its Mary And Georgie, Sitting In A Tree
With A b-a-b-y Baby
I Bet They Learned A Lesson, About Early Sex
And Why It Shouldn't Be
Rockabye Baby
Said Georgie To Mary Its Your Turn
Said Mary To Georgie Its Your Turn
Rock, Rockabye Rockabye Tonight
Rock, Rock, Rockabye Rockabye Tonight
Rockabye Baby Tonight
Its Been Three Years
Since They Finished High School
Now Baby's Growing Up
Mary Works Sellin' Hot Crossed Buns
Since Georgie's Up And Gone
All Thanks To Peter's Piper
Mary Can Pay The Bills
She Can't Get A 9 To 5
Cause She Ain't Go To College
So Now Its Mary And Baby, Sitting In A Tree
No g-e-Org-i-e Georgie
I Bet She Learned A Lesson About Havin' Children
Before You Are Ready
I Said Marys Been Workin All Live Long Day
Evey Since Baby's Daddy Went Away
She Gave Up Her Sweet Little Puddin Pie
Now Shes Got Little Boy Blue On Her Side
Screamin' Georgie Pordgie Let Me In
Saying Not By The Hair Of My Chiny Chin Chin
She Scribbled Down I Hate You On His Subpoena Papers
This Baby's Yours And I Need Support
Mary Used To Be A Pretty Maid
Now Shes Hustling To Get Paid
Georgie Promised Her The Finer Things
Till Baby Blue Was Born
Now She Sits Up All Alone At Night
Wipin Tear Drops From Her Eyes
Wishin Georgie Did Her Right
Since Baby Came Alone
Rockabye Baby Its Your Turn

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