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Verse - Signals Lyrics

So here's a story about a city with a secret
Everyone one here is the life of the party
And everyone who's anyone is everyone's biggest fan.
If they've got what you need.
Everyone whispers and sends out a secret nod
The congregation's in 5 minutes
"Meet me in the bathroom." Or maybe tonight the lines
Will get drawn right in front of you.
The life you live is a life of stupidity
Like those on pages of a Hollywood magazine.
See the stars in your eyes and the glamor you'll never see
Because you live on your knees.
Money burns like your nose, you comfort yourself and stay in the smoke screen.
You've found true love inside an empty scene.
You live in a bad dream.
She's just searching for acceptance, and He's afraid,
But still puts himself out there.
They all came in search of a good time.
Approaching the night with closed eyes.
Pull the shades down, to hide the beautiful person you are on the inside.
Your photocopied reflection: distorting your actual size.
You live in a bad dream.

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