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Beckah Shae

Beckah Shae - Music Lyrics

It fills the atmosphere,
And whether or not you listen, you still hear.
It has the power to take you somewhere.

And we need a remedy for the insanity.
We need a melody to help us believe.
Let’s start a fire, revival!
C’mon lets inspire, we wanna go higher!

Sounds that make my spirit dance like
I’m the only one here with you,
Music, music.
We need you, we need you, so c’mon give us good music!

You can feel it in your soul,
That beat drops and you find yourself just wanting more.
You’re at its mercy, soon as your feet touch the floor.
And the rhythm is moving you,
As the wisdom’s fine tunin’ you.
With those lyrics that bring us back.
Whatever happened to, the way we used to use music?
It’s just become so crazy, the way we choose to abuse it!
It’s time we come together, for love, let’s make it better,
Let’s raise the bar higher!
With purpose we are driven,
Let’s make em’ all wanna listen!
So we gotta give em’ what they’re missin’.
Holy Spirit!

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