Shelter Lyrics

Stick Figure

Stick Figure - Shelter Lyrics

Keep on moving, keep your head on up and let's do this
Well everything seems to get better
Tell me will we ever know whether or not
We landed upon this earth for a reason
And don't push me away 'cause I'm not leaving
'Cause I could live forever
Lord knows not ever have I experienced the feeling of isolation
I'm never giving into temptation but these urges keep on calling
When I am desperate, no I won't come crawling back to
Lord you got to be mistaken
No, well I'm not shaken
No, well I'm not fakin'
I'm not shaken

I feel at ease when you're gone I don't want you around
I'm feeling at peace won't you now stop you're messin' around
Stand 'em up, now break 'em down, spread this music around
Now sure it hurts, at first there was a lesson to learn
Through another we discover the wrong path that we took
And under the cover we consider everything overlooked
There was a lesson in the message and I've given enough
Stop stressing like the rest we got the freedom to love, yeah

I never feel alone when I got my dog by my side
I never worry, no I don't, you know that is a lie

And take it easy and come on baby let's leave here
Now that I got you all alone
What you wanna do? Come on
You know there ain't no wrong or right
Just me and you tonight
And everything is feels so nice
And everything it feels so right

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