Love Duet Lyrics


MICHAEL FRANKS - Love Duet Lyrics

Same old song
Always blue
Can't help thinking
Of me and you
All the love before
Our goodbyes were spoken
On the storm
We were tossed
Till our love was lost
Drifting miles apart
Both our hearts were broken
Now when I meet you
Out on the street you
Still got the moves to
Haunt me
We're face to face now
The past is erased now
I'll be yours if you really
Want me
We keep tryin' but we can't forget
The thrill we feel from our Love Duet
Listen Baby, it ain't over yet
We got one more chorus of our Love Duet
You love me
I love you
That we can do

To complete the song
Of our life together?
On our own
We have grown
But freedom means
That you're all alone
And you spend your time
Being cool and clever

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