Nowhere Lyrics


Hypnogaja - Nowhere Lyrics

Run run, my life has got me runnin’
On an empty path, too fast for a stop
And soon I’m gonna burn ’cause it’s comin’ my turn
And life’s lesson I’ll learn when I finally drop
Now, keep goin’ ’cause it’s all that I’m knowin’
I’m showin’ no fear, for fear that the end is growin’
I go round for round as I’m puffin’ on a pound
Take a word from the herb and slow down

I keep on runnin’ to nowhere
While life is passing me by
I keep on runnin’ to nowhere
No destination in site

Run run, my life has got me runnin’
On a two tank bank, no thanks for a buck
I got a rebel rhyme for a rebellious mind
And a time bomb tickin’ in the back of my truck
Now, I’m comin’ through doin’ a hundred and two
Out on the highway, my way, whatcha gonna do?
You got the rock, but you’re ready to drop
Take a line from the sign and just stop

No no, turn around, you’re going the wrong way
I don’t know how much more I can take
I’m rollin’ steady if I’m ready or not
I’m embracin’ the race, I can’t stop

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