14 Hz Lyrics

Eskimo Joe

Eskimo Joe - 14 Hz Lyrics

We could meet
For coffee down the street
What will it be sir?
A flat white and tea sir

Meet again
Some time on the weekend
We'll take in a movie
Coz that's how it should be

I could be your man
We'll be holding hands
Walking in the park
Never after dark
When the sun goes down
I'll see you around
Feet don't touch the ground
Ever since i found you

Sun is out
The birds and bees about
We'll meet in the school yard
Swap lunch and play cards

It's a treat
Whenever we two meet
But only the daytime
Coz that's when it's playtime


She's smiling back at me
With braces in her teeth
And a ribbon in her hair

It seems
She's straight outa my dreams
I'm catchin' up on z's
So i can meet her there.

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