Someone To Hold Lyrics

Trey Lorenz

Trey Lorenz - Someone To Hold Lyrics

I Was alone
Until you came and brought the sunshine
I was afraid
But in your love I found peace of mind
I was so blind
You opened my eyes and now I can see
I know that you understand me baby
You're all a woman should be

And it's you baby
That gets me to tommorrow
And it's you baby
That takes away my sorrow
When you lie close to me in my heart I believe
We'll always be together
And there aint nobody better
Our love will last forever
I finally found

Someone to hold
Girl you're my everything
To call my own
Every single day of my life
I'm not alone
You take me and make me whole again

Whenever you smile
Baby my world is filled with laughter
I look in your eyes
And baby my heart and soul are captured
With the touch of your hand
You start a fire burning
And there'll never be another
Now that we've got each other


Oh, girl
You make my life seem brighter
Cuz you take me
And lift me
Up higher
Your loving feels so right
Takes my breath away
Everytime you say
You'll love me for the rest of your life

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