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RISHLOO - Pandora Lyrics

Cedar grains cling to woven skin upon walls I know frail truths feed borrowed dreams grown cold
And from here I beg release and hope
I hope

Breathing through these lines
Innocence lost among the torment of grace within the storm
Seeking darkness in the dawn
While the emptiness divides every purpose with the light
I fade, I fade

Without a key, without a sound
Without a chance to hold the light
It reaches in between the seems
To tease the madness and the grief
To curse the walls, to cure the need
To curse the damned who damn the need
The need to know what lies beyond, beyond the walls

Turn the key (turn the key...)

And set free
This I swear
It's not enough for me to die alone
Uproot these veins that fail to bleed
So I will know and I will still believe we're better
Than these lies that we have learned to breathe
Breathing I step beyond the past and let it go

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