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Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor - Derailed Lyrics

When you make it to your driveway
Will you call to let me know that you're ok?
And when you make it to your bedroom
Do you collapse on your bed right away?
Or do you lay and think about how fucking lonely you've become?
You're obsessed with revenge and it's starting again
Bad tattoos oh and losing the saddest of friends
Ache through the days, 'cause you'll never mend your ways

When you make a decent living, will you buy me a train set and a hat?
So that I can sit alone in my room, sending people away from the ones they love
Or crash them into buildings, explosions, derailments and screaming children
Oh my god, I think I'm in love
Yes, I know that this must be love when you
Ache through the days, because you'll never mend your ways.

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