November Lyrics

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman - November Lyrics

Beneath the fog is a city I know too well
And it melts like ice and it burns like hell
And the freeways always stopped at 6 o'clock
So we're leaving without you whether you like it or not

And the wind blows the leaves off the trees
Another sign of spring bringing winter to its knees
And they say, the grass is greener on the other side
Well I want to know all about the darkness that lights your eyes 'cause it's...

It's breaking me down, it's breaking me down
It's breaking me down, down, down, down, down...

And the change
Is so constant over me
Take me and show me
Who I need to be

The asphalt a little bit darker and it helps you to remember when
The rain fell, in sweet November and
Be careful who you fall in love with, 'cause someone somewhere won't approve
And the prettiest girls always seem to keep their eyes on you

'Cause they're breaking you down, breaking me down
Breaking me down, down, down, down, down

So come on break me
I dare you
Break me I swear
Breakin' me down, down

So come on break me
I dare you
Break me I swear
Come on break me down, down, down...

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