Our Requiem Lyrics

Winds Of Plague

Winds Of Plague - Our Requiem Lyrics

My friends.
My family.
I ask of you one final time to gather before me.
Tonight we shall leave this earth as legends.
Our only way to never die.
This will be our requiem.
In the company of death we walk side by side.
Cast your differences aside for the lives sacrificed.
I ask one final time to unite.
Earn the right to stand with pride.
We are in the company of death.
Cast your differences aside.
For the lives sacrificed to the earth and for those still to come we wash our hands of blood.
Carry with you the love of a mother and a fathers strength may our names echo throughout history.
Glory, never given without a price.
Glory, gnawed clean from the hands that feed.
The world is at your finger tips, tear it apart.
Rip and cut until the view is clear as far as the eye can see.
Honor the Gods and pay tribute to the human era.
A most humbling wind blows at the dawn of extinction.
Fire signals that sails are near.
Vestals of vile creatures appear.
Rest well tonight.
Tomorrow we walk through the flames of hell.
This will be our requiem.
Our testament to the heavens.

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