If I Can't Lyrics

50 Cent Feat. G Unit

50 Cent Feat. G Unit - If I Can't Lyrics

Yea ha ha yea yea
If I can't do well homey it can't be done
Now I'ma let the champagne bottle pop
I'ma take it to the top
Fo sho I'ma make it hot baby baby
I apply pressure to pussies that stuntin I pop
Stand alone squeezin my pistol I'm sure that I gotta
Now Peter Piper picked peppers and dont rock rhymes
I'm 50 Cent I write a lil bit but I pop nines
Tell niggaz Get they money right cuz I got mine
And I'm around quit playin nigga you can't shine
You gon be that next chump to end up in the trunk
After bein hit by the pump is that whut you want
Be easy nigga I'll lay your ass out
Believe me nigga thats whut I'm about gangsta
You could find a nigga sittin on chrome
Hit the clutch hit the gear hit the gas And I'm gone Yea
I'm down for the action he smart with his mouth so smack em
You holdin a strap he might come back so clap em
React like a gangsta die like a gangsta for actin
Cuz you'll get hit And homicide'll be askin Whut happened
OH NO look who clapped em with the FO'FO'
20 inch rims sittin CHRO-CHROME
Eastside Westside niggaz OH NO NO GO
Even my mama said Something really wrong with my brain
Niggaz don't rob me they know I'm down to die for my chain
G-UNIT We get it poppin in the hood
G-UNIT Muthafucka whuts good
I'm waitin on niggaz to act like they dont know how to act
I had a sip of too much Jack I'll blow em off the map
With the mack thinkin its all rap
Til that ass get clapped and Doc say It's a wrap
I been feelin i had to teach lessons to slow learners
Go head act up get smacked in the head with the burner
I dont fight fair I'm dirty-dirty
I'm from Southside Jamaica Queens nigga ya'heard me
When streetlights come on niggaz blast the nines
Get locked up they read books to pass the time
In the game there's up's and down's so I stay on the grind
Niggaz on my dick more than my bitch I stay on they mind
They aint nothin they could do to stop my shine
This is God's plan homey this ain't mine
I played the music loud so Grandpa called me a nuisance
And Grandma who always gotta throw a 100 percent
I'm the drop out who made more more money than these teachers
Roofless Ruthless like the Coupe but I come with more features
I am whut I am you could like it or love it
It feels good to pull 50 grand And think nothin of it
Fuck it
Uh huh hood make it hot
Dr Dre Aftermath
Shady ha ha

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