Arrow Lyrics

The Irrepressibles

The Irrepressibles - Arrow Lyrics

When you were the age 15
They shot the arrow at you
You put that arrow in
Became an angel too
But you were proud to be you

When you made a pact with him
A secret that you'd keep
That you'd forget that sin
Could be so warm, so free!
That you could find such release.

My dear Sebastian
In every breath we complete
The meaning of our truth
The meaning of our design

That I could be a son
And someone's son I'd find
To be the one, to be the one, man, man of mine
From a boy, into a son, into the man, man of mine.

E-oh e-oh, e-oh e-oh
Hell' sow his seeds into mine
and we will grow,
and we will grow just as our bodies entwine
E-oh e-oh, e-oh e-oh!
We wouldn't fail but be anything else but real.

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