I Love Minorities Lyrics

Rucka Rucka Ali

Rucka Rucka Ali - I Love Minorities Lyrics

I think that every race
is a-okay
We all have something to be proud of
('cept white people)

I like very country the same,
even the ones where my own music's not allowed in
or the ones that wanna bomb us!

Women are as smart as me and you
No! No! It's true!
They could be president of this country,
I mean who cares?
There's already a black!

I love minorities
especially, people that get around in hweelchairss
That's hot!

I love everyone in the world!
Becuase no one is different than no one
Everyone is fuckin' like someone
And if you fell like I do,
take your hand and touch my balls,
and sing along this fuckin' song!

Black people are good at playing basketball!
Asians cook Chinee food on woks
Mexicans are great at leaving Mexico!
So suck on my cock if you don't love everyone!

White people can tuck their shirts into their shorts!
They need Jews to fill their tax forms
Eskimos are best at hitting seals with clubs!
We could all learn from everyone lots of stuff

Sex, them Europeans
do it with kids,
it's like their proud of it or something
It's legal in their countries

Canadians, at age fifteen
can legally suck off dirty old man for money
No they can't!
OK, for free
That's right!

Everyone in the world's good
becuase no one is better than someone else is
I'm down with women's circumcision
So if you feel like I do,
(Your a homo)
Take your ballsack and your bongo drum,
and sing this gay ass little song

Black people are good at stealing stereos!
They've got Jewish lawyers in court
Muslims are the best at flying into stuff
Not all Muslims, just most, and all it takes is most

Africans like lynching homosexuals
Cubans turn dildos into boats
Germans kidnap girls and make them prostitutes
Everyone's special in their own gay little way

Arab girls have got to be sweaty
They put to death if they show they tittie
That's baller shit,
I ain't even playin'
Lemme tell you what's the same about the
Swedish, Chassidish Jews, Kelly and Regis
They're all fuckin' crazy!
Except the Swedish, they're just lazy,
and love the penis
Yeah, those ladies in Sweden
got enough VDs to turn those dudes around them gay
And Frenchmen don't believe in bathing
and Haitians love a good earthquake
Caging a Mongol?
Russian tradition
Rape in the Congo?
As long as it's women
Taking a dump on someone else's culture and making fun of them just 'cause they're different
and making a song calling their country stupid, mixing the absurd with the true?
Don't to it
So if you hate racist humour,
get your pooper up,
and sing this fuckin' song!

Black people are good at wheelchair basketball
They got shot,
and now cannot walk
Pregnant girls are stupid and impossible
Everyone's good,
no one is better than someone

White people can show black people how to vote
Blacks could teach them Jews to dance good
Blind black men can't play hockey, 'cause they're black
Helen Keller can't drive becuase she's a woman

Gary Coleman's gone
It was so sad,
he was so young
I mean he was like fifty-one
but it's sad.
because he looked like he was nine years old
Whatchu' talkin' about, Rucka?
His wife did it!

I love minorities

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