Hosanna Lyrics

Twila Paris

Twila Paris - Hosanna Lyrics

.Verse I.
The lonliness is bitter
They tell me you have known
No parents and no children
No-one to call you home
I pray for you a family
Within the Father's plan
But even more
I pray that you will come to understand
That He is a light in the deepest shadow
And the wings of a spirit in flight
He is a stream in the dry
burning desert
He is a song in the longest night
.Verse II.
There is a holy kinship
That you tell me you have known
But in the rush of serving
You wonder where it's gone
I pray you will remember
A younger heart's desire
I pray that He will blow upon
The embers of this fire
He is the dearest friend
While others come and go
He is the dearest friend
That you will ever know
May you ever know
He is a song
He is a song
He is a song in the longest... night

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