500 Days Of Summer Lyrics


Logic - 500 Days Of Summer Lyrics

i can feel it now
it's comin' soon
it is my world
my sun and moon
once upon a time
this world was love
but now i know
this is everything that i've dreamed of
so take it slow
or speed it up
every time i see you
i just wanna beat it up
maybe not
that's a lie
come on baby girl
there ain't no need to cry
just let me go
or let me know
why the hell you
wanna stick around for
arms length
that's all you do
don't get too close
that is the rule
i remember when i met
her back in high school
science class
sittin' on a stool
now i'm feelin'
feelin' like a fool
cuz i cut that tie months ago
this girl is cruel
maybe not
just very lovely
no matter what she says
i know she still loves me
so can i love?
i've already asked
whoever knew matters of the heart
would be such a task
she used to be my girl
but now she's just the girl i'm fuckin'
she used to mean the world to me
but now that world is nothin'
i would've put a ring on that finger
but i couldn't afford it
so i laced it with ribbons
she adored it
sometimes i wonder
if she thinks of me
but my mind tells me to focus
on work so instinctively
how could a pussy be that good?
cuz my feelings involved
till my shorty evolved
and her feelings dissolved
but that's what happens
when you find 'em young
treat 'em like royalty and they will run
searchin' the world for perfect love
and realize you're the one
but they fucked up
cuz now that shit is done
this is a letter to the woman of my dreams
love what she brings
so listen baby girl
cuz everything ain't what it seems
you either know me now
or imma meet you after fame
but one things for sure
your life will never be the same
cuz you gon' be my wife and my mistress
so understand now i can't be there for every christmas
i love you more than anything but i can never risk this
on stage livin' life, why you forced to miss this?

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Logic - 500 Days Of Summer