Shallow Hole Lyrics

Pain Teens

Pain Teens - Shallow Hole Lyrics

The fantasy is about power
It is really about control
A powerless loveless outsider
Wanting to be in control
To dominate and destroy beauty
Put himself in the master's role
The power ends when death sighs
The victor digs a shallow hole
The fear of failure ever-present
He is so afraid to lose
That he never attempts the game
Until he's lost the power to choose
A slave to sadistic thoughts
The handcuff and the noose
The loser's only love-control
Now he plays the game to lose
He is craving orgasmic power that rape can never supply
It can't be taken
Must be given
It evades him when they die
Addiction to power consumes him
He continues to try and try
Watching the energy dissipate
As he stares death in the eye

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