After The End Lyrics


Spineshank - After The End Lyrics

The picture is fine
Perfection is...
It mimics what used to be
Rise again to fall behind
Expose the worm inside

The color has faded
This changes everything
You're plastic and empty
It's all you'll ever be

This scar will never bleed,
Or kill the pain before it spreads,
I'm left with nothing
Blood washes hands
And yours have never been clean
The filth is what makes you who you are

Run to your savior
The weakness surfacing
Replace all your anger
And pray for sympathy now

You try to hide the damage
Below the surface
It just keeps bleeding
You try to blur the image
Envision who you are

After the end
Closing your eyes
And lifting your head
Losing your self control

Now, the sight of your disaster
Embedded in me
Just like an execution
It's all for nothing
It's slipping away
The decay
Just your form of evolution

It's cold and it's vacant
It's always out of place
Distorted and changing
It's just an empty face

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