Live Report Lyrics

Toby Fox

Toby Fox - Live Report Lyrics

feat. Donny V

Ha ha, yeah!
Got'cha man Bobby Grind
Donny V, the man Donny V
The Commission is back

Donny V, opens the question, I'm rap's second best
Out of a million other rappers I'm better than the rest
Moet sipper, mic ripper and pussy getter
I'm on my own zone so you know I stay fly nigga
Bitch niggaz go to clubs frontin with they fake Coogi
You ain't a kingpin, take off that slum jewelry
I'm reformed, no more pickin the guns up
Get out of line I'll be the first to say get your funds up
The feds is only waitin for me to catch a case
I have fun now from punchin niggaz in they fuckin face
I'm 'bout to retire from rap, ain't no competition
Rap was fun when bodies came up missin
I cut bodies up, while I listen to Billy Preston
We had a photo session with Bush daughters at the Westin

Now I'ma shit on top of the Hummer H3
Kick you in the asshole like Gracie
Y'all tryin to get these clown-ass clodhod niggaz to replace me
Y'all toy like Toys'R'Us
You brush your hair back with a red brush
You critics lick the back of a gorilla's ass
Who says I can't cuss
Y'all like the other product
Nothin motherfuckers, you have to readjust
Touch the diseases under the balls
Make those house calls
We cuttin the nails out of tigers' paws
Shit off the Select-o-Vision
You piss through your television
You see it You got Hell-o-Vision
Bodies in the back, stay away
Bodies in the front, stay away
I should come from the store, Macy's layaway

All you motherfuckers droppin that bullshit every month
On that conveyor belt
Forcin that shit down people's throats
And all you motherfuckers I never seen or heard of before
poppin up on motherfuckin magazines
I ain't never seen you motherfuckers in my motherfuckin LIFE~!
Out of nowhere
You just come pop-o-matic MC
Report to the Commi$$ioner

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