Oblique City Lyrics

Phoenix 2003

Phoenix 2003 - Oblique City Lyrics

I wanted out of the Biblical bets.
Oblique city credentials.
It's everything that I've ever known.
Coca-Colas, Rosetta Stone.

It's way more than tragic.
I'll never know how to do the show.
You've been lonely.

Are we gonna do this alone?

Are we gonna do it alone?
Am I gonna do this alone?

Come on, come out and get me.

I wanted all that was even and planned.
Oblique city potential.
She's everything that I'd ever want.
to sit with [?

Coca-Cola, vin bottles
Is there anything else,
Is there anything wrong with me?

Is there anything else?
Is there anything more for me?
Or anything else for me?

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