Keep It Moving Lyrics

Hi-Tek Feat. Dion, Q-Tip & Kurupt

Hi-Tek Feat. Dion, Q-Tip & Kurupt - Keep It Moving Lyrics

Sometimes your homies can be your worst enemies
They're the closest to you, they know your ins and outs
Act like bitches... let's go
Got to go THAT WAY, keep it MO-VING
Cause you ain't tryin to get paid, keep it MO-VING
Steppin out on faith, ready for whatever
It's written so cain't worry 'bout what's next
You never know, rain sleet hail snow
See you gotta accept that's how things go
Prepare for the rainy day or the sun's glow
But there's clouds movin in and the cloud's gonna blow
But this too shall pass, hold on to your dreams
And we can do without all the haters and demons
X that, put your foot forward and move
Gotta a whole lot to get and not much to prove
Chitter-chatter niggas fuel the wrong info
They wanna see a good dude fall off and go
Mad at me cause of my expressive flow
Mean motherfuckers I denounce you, SO~!
C'mon, listen, how many ways can I
Say the damn thing that I said so many times
Let's get it, let's move as an entity
If you break ranks on the outskirts is where you'll be
Everybody, we gon' get up this mornin
Accept the howlin winds from the storm and
We gon' stand out like the sound of a clarinet
And you can stand in awe but the rest of us are gonna step
As hard as a nigga tries, it's almost like a nigga tryin
Not to get this paper poppin
, put that on a nigga's life
Gots to get this paper pourin,
sometimes I feel inside
The homey closest to me, is tryin to take a nigga's life
I'm too close to be surrounded by ghosts
I got a vision, aspiration that most can't induce
Cause they visions and aspirations the same size as aspirin
Dissolvin in life's water, leadin toward disasters
Headed in the opposite direction, is the picture
You're afraid of success, I'm tryin to be successful
Grow and expand my life fits picture
Have to go my own way or I'mma go down wit'cha
My faith in faith, destiny and scripture
Helps to develop this confidential mixture
This formula enforce confidential mixture
Detrimental, who'd ever thought we'd stop
Operatin as a team, 16 on the block
We made plans but we'll never be able to fulfill 'em
This is shit we put together since we was little
Every time we had dreams you found a way you could kill 'em, you
Listen, just tryin to put y'all up on some game
This Kurupt Young Gotti
My nigga Hi-Tek, we doin it superbig
Dogg Pound Gangstas, listen

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