Godless Lyrics


Danzig - Godless Lyrics

feeling in me
after night
feeling in me
of their lies
you gave me all of this
and more
yea, that's for sure
i can't believe in all your pain
under the draining of a
delities blood
you tell your children they're insane
i couldn't love it anymore
and so you leave me
just spread your tentacles
of hate
around my life
i've taken more than you could ever give
you can't believe that someone
your right
i'm gonna send you back your pain
i couldn't love it anymore
i had to listen to my heart
i couldn't take it anymore
and so you leave me
i ask all who have gathered here, to join me
in this feast. may we always be strong in body
and mind
and all those who would try to harm us
let them cast. aside.

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