Love Story Lyrics


T.S.O.L. - Love Story Lyrics

Last night I lay awake
My eyes were dry with the pain
Sometimes I wish that I would just die
To save me from seeing you again
I knew you used me but I didn't care
I was happy just being together
Well sometimes I wonder if I should be with you
All you ever do is ignore me
You never talk when your friends are around
Too bitchen to see you with me
Won't call won't waste your time
Too busy to send your love to me
That time I held you so tight in my arms
Just wishing the night wasn't ending
That's when you said you couldn't see me
I thought our love was just beginning
Forever is just that but with you it ends
Though you're in mind as I lay here
Can't stand it no longer I've gotta give in
I call you again and again and again

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