Another Nightmare Lyrics

Outline In Color

Outline In Color - Another Nightmare Lyrics

Until we fall apart,
Wake up and move like it's the last time
It's not the end - it's never the end.
While we still have heart,
Your demise designed in time.
A bond tied to blood - you have nowhere to run.

And I will admit that I am afraid of the life
that I could be living instead of mine.

Paint me a nightmare into my eyes,
and sew me up, leave all the tools inside.
And I've been awake, but always afraid
to fall asleep, for fear I'll see your face.

In an attempt to reassemble yesterday.
Just tell me that it's not it's not too late.

Stay away, for I am fragile.
I'm not asleep as death is tied to rest.
This is more than you can handle.
You've never been so consumed.

Why do we hate the things that we can't change?
Why do we hurt the ones we can't control?
Why do we hold on to our yesterdays? like we can't let go?
Why do we fear the things that we don't understand?
Why do we want everything that we'll never have?

This is all too much
Held back no longer to wait,
We will take what's ours.
In courage lift us.

I'll see you when I wake up,
Mark my words, this won't be the end.
Leaving is the hardest part.
Mark my words; I will return.

It's just a nightmare,
Go back to sleep.
It's just a nightmare,
And I run and I run from the only one
who can wake me up.

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