Devoid Of Truth Lyrics


Suffocation - Devoid Of Truth Lyrics

Your life has been planned since the day you were born
Affliction undefinable, condemned to suffer with the norm
Burden of despair - Traits of self denial
Raised and misled by life's light
I refuse let shine for me

Corrupted misconceptions of how life should really be
Shadowing existence in your plagued reality
Feeding off the error of the ones your emulate
Defection to deception and to mentally incarcerate
Devoid of truth

Monarch of deceit and lies
Plagiarism overrides
Devoid of truth

Captive through what's carved in stone
Bleeding is the moral throne
Beckoned to false entity
Betrayed by eternity
Devoid of truth

Writhing in the treachery
Face down in your misery
I feel not a thing

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