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The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons - Betrayed Lyrics

Betrayed, I was Betrayed, Betrayed, I was Betrayed,
When your best friend tells you that he saw your girl
out with somebody new,
you believe that it's true, your best friend would never be lying to you.
How are you to know, how could you know,
he loves her too, he loves her too?
Betrayed, I was Betrayed, whoa whoa Betrayed.
He was always around, and just to impress her, he would put me down.
But old good natured me, I laughed off the things that he said about me.
How much of a fool, what kind of fool, can one guy be, can one guy be?
Buddies till the end, he always said we'd be Buddies till the end,
What kind of friend is he, taking my girl,
when he knew that she meant the world to me?
Betrayed, I was Betrayed, I was Betrayed,
For as long as I live, I'll never forget her enough to forgive,
what he did to me, too late I see, I was Betrayed
Betrayed, I was Betrayed, whoa whoa Betrayed (fades)

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