I And Identify Lyrics


P.O.D. - I And Identify Lyrics

Trained to fail before I could walk
Now I'm undoing 20 years of lies I've been taught
Not always easy let the past be forgot,
when memories keep you caught
Let's travel back, now hold up stop, why
Cuz if I dwell on the past I get focussed to who I'm not
I strive to stay away but that ain't easy
When who I was wants to control my destiny testing me
Man, it's got me tripping
its in these moments of despair I feel my foundation's slipping
Its starts ripping leaving me broken
Now I'm completely confused and I'm vulnerable and open
I try to run, but who am I running from
See, what within myself this battle has come
So basically, You say it's up to me
Cuz I'm my greatest ally or my worst enemy

I stepped out of my body to let God slide in
Although I'm still dressed in flesh I spiritually died in
Alive in Christ, a new creation started breathing
Life exists and through this came completion x2

Get your mind body and soul under control
Who am I Identify
Who are You All is new

I feel like my soul keeps challenging my spirit
And my spirit keeps challenging my soul
Which ever one I choose to excersize the most
Will be the one to obtain control
Man, I feel like I got multi-personalities
I dabble in multi-mentalities
My own thoughts hold me captive in a world of confusion
As the monipulation increases gradually
Now If a lies placed before me and I buy into it
Then am i responsible for the deception
If I have no acceptance
Who's to blame for these feelings of rejection
Man I bring these feelings of confusion
I challenge all that my heart believes
I'm the one that drags my past up from the grave
telling myself I wont succeed


I'm not that person anymore!!!
Thats what blood was shed for,
Living life more abundantly,
Therefore you'll never see me living less than victory!!!!

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