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Paramore - Future Lyrics



That's how you had it, yeah
Pretty sure

It is, it's goes clapping a bit

Something just in that way
Alright, here we go

You go up and down this time

I'm writing the future
I'm writing it out, loud
We don't talk about the past
We don't talk about the past now

So, I'm writing the future
I'm leaving a key here
Something won't always be missing
You won't always feel emptier

Ah-ah, mm-mm
Ah-ah-ah-ah, mm-mm

Just think of the future
And think of your dreams
You'll get away from here
You'll get away eventually

So, just think of the future
Think of a new life
And don't get lost in the memories
Keep your eyes on a new prize

Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah

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