White Horse Lyrics

Tenille Townes

Tenille Townes - White Horse Lyrics

I was waiting on my chariot to steal me away
Wishing on stars and fairy dust and running low on faith
Yeah, the way that I saw it my true love would come calling
Tossing pebbles at the window of my ivory tower
I was looking for roses, oh, but how would I know that
Love's a little closer to a wildflower

I'd been waiting on a white horse
To take me away on a sunset ride
But you showed up on a dark horse
At the Cinderella midnight, just in time
Maybe not the way I was dreaming of
But you rode in and won my love
And now I'm finally on the right course
Who needs a white horse?
Whoa-oh, whoa
Whoa-oh, whoa

I like the way you came out of the blue
And took me by surprise
You make me feel like I'm a mystery to you
And not some kind of prize

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