Check For Me Lyrics


Saukrates - Check For Me Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Uh, yeah
Suzy, suzy
She tried to do me
Like some kind of male flousie, groupie even
Kicked it to her on one hot summer evening
Fell for her spell, considered achievement
I couldn't believe when honey went wild for the money
Still had to recoup it, stupid
Ain't funny when these chicks peep your first shit
Even though you're broke (yo)
She gonna break a leg trying to get at your bread
Now that's fucked up right
Admit it, that's fucked up right (yo)
Used to crave gettin' with it
But a spoiled appetite don't cater
Find myself saying 'um, I'm busy hun, but get at me later'
Though probably never, I got pride in my endeavors
You hide your clever plot to cop this togetherness (yo)
I must admit you're very blessed
As saukrates agrees to carry mess
This long, peep my rap song

(saukrates) *repeat 4x with minor variations*
Missed your chance, so why you chasing this
(yeah, you should have checked for me)

Yo, sugar, you're losing control could ya
Let go of my shirt before I'm forced to put ya
Out of my doghouse for good
You said 'fine nigga, I'm leaving' be heathen I wish you would
Pardon me, I think you should
I react to y'all tricks like skin to poison ivy
Itching to get y'all gone before y'all start bitching
I ain't getting through, but listen
You the word for word definition of that thing we all call chicken
Cluck, maybe you'll understand me now
Yo, cluck, you ain't nothing but a stain hand me down
Go back to ya fake willie sponsor
I ain't pissed this is just a half-assed dis
Don't do nothing but take it personal and hit the road
Reason why I change the tone of my humble abode
You didn't know

Chorus *with minor variations*

I've seen that you're hurt when you see me leave with that other skirt
Maybe you should have checked for me
Telling you, your time to shine was when I was putting in the work
Maybe you should have checked for me
Now you got to stretch for me, I still roll bummy
Never changed honey, you getting played, gin rummy
I used to dream of giving you half, if you weren't satisfied
Shit? don't trip I just inject the style
And get some new shit, why did you abuse this
Dark skin fin to win, now attempts are useless
I've moved on, seen a few thongs, nothing wrong
Don't deny, y'all the reason why I sing the fucking song
What's going on misses, look at all these dirty dishes
I can't stand dish pan hands, mind my business
And go about my waaay because we came to partaaay
We'll talk another day because we came to partake, uh

Chorus x2 *with minor variations*

Baby baby, baby
Next time we get down yo
Maybe next lifetime

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