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Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez - Alice Lyrics

You put your hair black in that magic black elastic
I'm powerless to pony tails who used to do gymnastics and I
Know you know you wanna dance

When I watch you smile and try to mask it
And stir your whiskey with the plastic

You're pitcher perfect in this light beer
Never mind the twenty hour flight here

Alice, Alice
All my best come ons
But come on
You are too far away,

But everything is better through a camera in Canberra
Skype is now my lifeline and my email is manna and if
Airfare weren't so unfair
I would be in Sydney instantly
And we'd be Bondai bound

You have monopolized cute
But talk about a trivial pursuit

Alice, alice
All my best come ons
But come on
You are too far away
Too far, too far away to keep
Cause everytime I wake up you’re about to go to sleep
And you say "g'day this is alice leave a message at the beeb"
Only missing you is pointless when you’re always out of reach
Besides there’s nothing left to say to you now I just have to hold you
And we are just as natural a disaster as I told you
So evacuate, my heart cause inside is total chaos
And I lose myself when people say your name and I stay lost for a good three days
A really good three days

Maybe one day we'll find a way
Maybe one day we'll find...
But day for me is night for you
But I'll still say goodnight to you

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