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Omarion - O Lyrics

Let me tell you girl
Whoa whoa whoa
Hey here I goHere I go

I know you heard men saying time and time again
That they would rock your world and change your life
But I cant blame them cause you make a nigga wanna get involved
wanna get them drawers
Well Im gonna put my bid in and get at you
No disrespect but I want it as bad as they do
The only differences is they look out on themselves
But Im doing it just to hear you yell

It's gonna be the sound girl when its going down ,Your body saying
Don't have to say my name girl im just glad you came ,So u can say
In the morning
In the night
You say O always hitting it right
You cant be mad at me
Im just aiming to please
Let me hear you scream O

Girl come on and get this thing crackin
You'll be surprised when see what O's packing
Cause im young but im ready
Tryna get hot and heavy, Turn you out if you let meyeah yeah yeah
Girl Im gonna take you somewhere that you never been
Show you something's that I make you want to show your friends
Have you so hit that you cant say a thing
But that's ok all you gotta say is

O is for that overtime I'm putting in
We'll go for hours take a break and go at it again
Girl I'll work my way from A all the way to Z
But trust me babygirl O is where you wanna be
Girl believe me when I tell you Im not tryna tell you what to do
Because when it's said and done, The choice aint mines it's really up to you
Just say yes, Don't fix your mouth to tell me no
Drop that bottom off on me
And just say

Let me hear you say O when im hitting it
Let me hear you say O when im getting it
Let me hear you say O when you come to the door
Let me hear you say O from the bed to the floor
Let me hear you say O when its all going down
Let me hear you say O when you cant make another sound
Babygirl let me hear you scream O
Babygirl let me hear you scream O

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