Instrumental 014 Lyrics


Instrumental - Instrumental 014 Lyrics

Neo-nazis your all the same
being a bigot is your way of fame
saluting like Hitler and yelling Sieg Heil
God made us all, and now you defile

Nazis you ripped us off on how to dress
cause mommy wouldn't do it anymore
steal our music, riot at our shows
what's going on in your mind
nobody knows

S.W.P. dosnt mean supreme white power
S.W.P. means stupid white people

Beating people up cuz they are not white
shows how stupid you really are
this way of thinking has been around for centuries
and never has gone too far

Lay down your ignorance
put it at Jesus' feet
cast off your stupidity
realize your beat
ask God to forgive you
and change your mind
do it before, you run out of time

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