Too Far Gone Lyrics


Incognito - Too Far Gone Lyrics

(J.P. Maunick/G. Harvey)

He wanted to believe that the
Field was his to play
Say's he's happy that she's gone away
Any fool can tell she's here to stay
From his mind she would never stray

He's trying to hide it
But inside the pain can't be denied
I guess he's too far gone

No he's spendin' all his time tryin'
To tell the world he's free
Depp inside he know he'll never be
And now it seems that he's lost the key
He's like a raft driftin' out at sea

He's tryin' to to fake it
But the sadness is all that he can feel
I guess that he's too far gone

He cannot see that as he talks
He's takin' a road that is goin' nowhere
There's no tellin' hime, he's too far gone

He's walkin' down the street lookin' sure of himself today
He's never short of things to say
In his mind he knows he's lost his way
It's the proce he has to pay.

Gone too far
Too far gone
Gone too far
Too far gone

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