Spread Love Lyrics

Uptown XO

Uptown XO - Spread Love Lyrics

I'm in a position that's rare, diamond in the rough
Used to living without a care, cussing on the bus
I grew, transformed, shed some ways like snakeskin
Flew, did tours, and looked icons in their faces
Only thing different is opportunities given
Brushing shoulders with niggas I used to bump up in the system
Moves niggas made were strategic
Seeing niggas rap tomorrow, yesterday was on some street shit
Nothing outside of you controls what you do
And to claim what you declare? Well that becomes a part of you
You are what you eat, we was fed the streets
Slave trade ingredients, boats on the beach
You know the story, American Gangster, the Glory
Denzel played both parts, I'm DC's Mozart
Before, we was chocolate city, another story
Few remains left, preserve it, can you assure me?
Mention a big brand, we all go shopping
Blogs write about it, and we all go cop it
Ricky got killed for his new foamposites
Keeping up got us stuck, let's talk about it
Grew up in the hood so niggas wanna get out
But they can't, cause the lifestyle has got us divided
A gallon or pint size, give him a swallow
A shot and you might die, blame it on karma

Shed love (love, love, love) Uh (love, love, love)
Spread love (love, love, love, love, love, love)
Shed love (love, love, love, love, love, love)
Spread Love

They don't know, but they will soon
I was a monster, with goblins and real goons
But I still bring the heat like the real June summer
Y'all niggas will see what's on real soon
Sue me if you saw me weaved in but I was born to
A six-star general, dreams like a real Jew
And our ancestors was on the field too
Masters descendants on the Forbes list, top 2
Fuck the government, what I'm loving is
Fucking with the people, ain't dead if we alive, they suffering, love again
Mothership hovering, trying to warn us
Come again, some of them want more bucks
We running them, bunions, they pedicured up
And it's more niggas rapping 'bout getting poured up
Low income housing, in the clouds and
Loud in the air, that's high-quality browsing
Champagne drowning, baptized in rap lies
Got 'em blasphemous, my affairs are black tie
Smoking cannabis, a sun to your sapphire
Know the savages, won the game by halftime
No parameters, system was God-written
Body God-made and my gift God-given
Even the blind see in their dreams, come on nigga
When we say we about to go off, it's on niggas

Overdosing on info, knowledge is power
Can't be stuck in no job making dollars per hour
You know Star Wars they was talking about us
And Planet of the Apes they was talking about us
You know Avatar they was talking about us
We in the Matrix, a whole lot of shit is fucked up
Our brothers would kill us for some money, just to buy a coupe
Know how it feels, once upon a time I was you
I would do anything for it at my lowest point
We would have had Jews and Nazis smoking joints
Herb is the healing of the nations
How is it unlawful when God said it's sacred?
Got my brothers passing judgement on me
Same God that made us made the weed and the trees
Was born next to 'em so I be with the thieves
Was right next to 'em, getting blood on my jeans
Lost in the sauce in my earlier teens
Probably would have smacked you, you wasn't worthy to speak
Only a chosen few were exempt from the "speak when spoken to" rule in the pit
Everybody want a way out
Borderline of the hood, the sign say "Stay Out"
Inside niggas got guns and shit to weigh out
"Grandma, we making money, there's nothing to pray 'bout!"
Sounds of the vibrations, let it play out

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