My Skateboard! Lyrics

The Aquabats!

The Aquabats! - My Skateboard! Lyrics

As one sits and waits for something to happen. I too sat and waited for
you to call. Well, I waited too long and
thought hey maybe I should call you. But by then, you had already gone.
Its Friday night, I wanted to go out. I didn't want to go t no
show. Didn't want to cruise main street, I
didn't want to go to no disco (no no). I just wanted you to come over,
sit on the couch and hold me tight. But you
went out with some dumb jock and left me alone with MY SKATEBOARD
Now I'm out on MY SKATEBOARD, and I'm pushing so hard, I'm pushing so
hard. I want to see if I can see if
you're still home. But the lights aren't on and you were gone. So on my
way home, alone, I took a short cut through
the park. And just my luck you were sitting in his truck, you were
making out with him in the dark!

Why'd you go and change your mind? You can pick and choose but with him
you'r gonna loose every time.

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