Sumatra (Live) Lyrics

Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig - Sumatra (Live) Lyrics

Everyone needs someone to touch them
Everyone needs someone to hold
So why's it so damn hard to love when we're alone

I've lived a lifetime telling stories
About the way we live and die
When love was born it was a mystery
I'm yet to find

And when I wake up in the morning
There is a twinkle in my eye
That maybe someday you will meet me
In the light

I'll let you whisper
I'll let you hold me
Do what you came to
You are the only
I will not cry out
I will not fight you
I'll let you have me
All that you want to
I'll give you sunsets
I'll give you kisses
I'll give you songs that
That no one else hears
It's not enough love
Until you know me
Until you touch me
Until you hold me

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