Work In Progress Lyrics

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals - Work In Progress Lyrics

It's a revelation, a moment of clarity,
and I am trapped inside this moment
deadlines are left to die
And I guess I am truly free.

My brain was spent I worried
as I fell in knee deep
where consequences and circumstances
suffocated and I could barely breathe.

And by all means, this rain should be bringing me down.
Seattle's keeping me in tune with just right now
and a song that tends to be so oddly timed.
The city is cold and miserable but I am not.
All we are is all we've started. All could be gone.

I often wonder if I'll ever finish all I've started,
and the answer I have found is NO!
No, I will never finish all that I have started
because life is about doing, the process
And not the result.
Life is about doing whether you want to or not.
MY LIFE!: A constant work in progress
and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Take a look back. Is that what you wanted?
Chances are that it's not what was intended to be,
because it's gonna be better than everything.
Everything, you will see, comes together
in it's own ironic kind of way, so live in just today.

In my eyes I hold a vision in contradiction of what once existed.

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