Comatose Lyrics


Northlane - Comatose Lyrics

I'll let the silence speak for me.
The words are like stars unimaginable in my sky.

I can see what the eyes cannot see.
I can hear what the ears cannot hear.
I can feel what the heart and mind cannot feel.
I am imagination.

What if dreams were reality?
We could reap a world we've sewn.
Lost in imagination.
Lost in a world that is not your own.

Watching my world crumble away while I'm searching for meaning and purpose in this life.
Flourished in knowledge and gifted with a pure existence.

I can see what the eyes cannot see.
I can hear what the ears cannot hear.

I've given myself a reason to live for.
On my own,
I've given myself something to live for.
On my own.

Upon this desolate rock I cast my soul into the sky,
Liberating myself and opening my mind to the universe.

Together we will shine like stars burning through the dark.

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