Burnt Offerings (Live) Lyrics


Testament - Burnt Offerings (Live) Lyrics

"Summoned to the house of seance
To play the evil tarot cards
To find out what our fate will bring us
Before the war!

Approaching now the hour of tiamat
Evil feeling in the air
The chosen wait impatiently
To find the rituals of power
Come out of the fire
Making the legacy known
Predicted by the past
Takes its toll at last
Now knowing when it strikes

The endless feuding shows its fate
The people are all shocked with fright
They know the end is coming near
It's time to fight
The revolution holds on strong
The armies have all met their match
Entire world up in arms
Destruction sees the spirits of anger
Come up from the gallows
Conjured my demons appear
Summoned to my cast, prey this deadly mass
Takin' by the fire you fall

The world became a vast wasteland
Survivors turned to cannibals
Killing everything in sight
Warfare tonight
The armies are all closing in
The populations getting small
The feelings are as cold as ice
Survival names its price
Starting to burn
The rape and the violence grows high
A kingdom will rise
To rule with contempt
They will surprise
Kill and repent
The weakness in armies
Won't die! Won't die! Won't die!

Leaving now the house of seance
Speculating destiny
Wonder if the cards were true
Will wait to find out and will wait to see."

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