Soul Searchin' Lyrics

Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke - Soul Searchin' Lyrics

I was a fool
I told a lie
I did you wrong
I made you cry
So now i'm walking all alone
Down the darkest street in town
Standing in the rain
While my tears keep falling down
I'm soul searching
How could i say goodbye to you?
I'm soul searching
I made you cry
How could i leave
Somebody like you
How could i do all the silly things
That i do
Wht makes me try the way i do
Act a fool the way i do
I need you so bad baby
Won't you come back to me?
I'm soul searching
But nobody like my baby
I keep soul searching
It's driving me crazy
Did i ever say goodbye
I must be outta my mind
I keep walking and looking for a sign
I gotta be crazy baby
To ever let you go
I keep looking for a sign
Oh why
Do i get all the bad breaks
How could i make
Such stupid mistakes
But the truth won't come to me
No matter how i wreck my brain
The rain keeps falling down
And i keep calling out your name
I'm soul searching

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