Touch Lyrics

Suicidal Romance

Suicidal Romance - Touch Lyrics

Without your Touch
Without your Light
You make me Fade

Will you Stop
Your Dreams Tonight
This Moment is Today

Here and Right now
You Lay by my Side
Take my Hand
And have Tonight
For you and Me

You want all for You
You take all for You
Tonight when I am
With You
I want to Stay with You
My Heart beats just for You
My Heart beating for You
I long to be with You
My Hands are reaching You
My Hands are reaching for You
You Show me Love is True
I'm seeing only You
My Eyes are Only on you

Without your I See
Without your Smile
You make me Fade

This thing I See
is Love it Seems
That you make me Feel

There is no Answer
If put into Words
So dont you Speak
Tonight my Love
And let us be

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