Flowers Rise Lyrics

Lil B

Lil B - Flowers Rise Lyrics

Yeah, uh, (humming) duh-duh daaaa duh-duh daaa duh da.
Nigga got beef, I fuck wit cha
I don't give a fuck
Talk shit, get stuck where the flowers rise
Underground ass niggas, pussy in ya face
Can't get beats cause producers won't fuck wit cha
Say you killin' people in ya rhymes you a stunt double
Livin wit cha partners, talk, not even sellin (uh)
You was a old Pepsi king, [you
I'm burnin' all rivals
Not promoting bullshit, I'm just keepin it honest
And to all the kids, you don't gotta sell drugs
Being a thug is a fashion
That's why I stay laughin'
You get in too deep, you'll find out what happens
I know a couple people dead, but Ima keep it rappin'...
Keep my head to the sky,
That's him with the mac on 'em
Things I couldn't learn from subtraction
I'm only addin' like the boy that took the Al out of Aladdin
I'm so lonely on this pony
Riding over the sunlight, ah
Way past your head, I'm.
I go to sleep where ya brunch at
I don't be playin' wit some cats
Life choices so critical;
One step you're here, the next one, you be invisible
Its our war (I was born into a war)
I'm livin on the other side of magic mountain
I'm loving every body, and Ima keep it comin
Stay wit me, that mac 50
I got love in my heart, way before the money
So when I open up my heart, it start floatin to me
(Humming) buh duh duhh duh-duh duhhhh.

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